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The introduction of a third

November 4, 2009


Just a new thing I’m trying. I thought it could be interesting to translate some of my drawings into somewhat three-dimensional paper cutouts. I miss my X-acto knife and I’m growing tired of only two dimensions, although they’ve been good to me. I just feel that the introduction of this third dimension might spice up our relationship.



obscure oakland 001: Urban Legend Cellars

November 2, 2009


Tucked away in one of Jack London Square’s many old warehouses lives a brand new winery by the name of Urban Legend Cellars. Only in their second year of winemaking, the two person operation is in full swing, with barrels of wine piled high. It certainly isn’t your idyllic winery with a cottage nestled in a rolling vineyard. Instead, it’s stark and clean and smack dab in the middle of gritty metropolitan Oakland.


The owners are regulars at one of my many places of employ, and were nice enough to let me take a peek. With backgrounds in technology and molecular biology, one might wonder what led to winemaking. “It all started with a case of wine a friend gave us”. And why in Oakland and not a Napa hillside? “There are only so many sunsets you can look at before you say ‘Ok, now I want to get a latte.'” (translation: booooring)


I know it’s my first official post and already I am stretching the interpretation of my theme, but a “vignette” is also a small vineyard or vine, so it sort of fits. Anyway, Urban Legend plans to have their tasting room open in the spring and I can’t wait to check it out. And with Linden Street Brewery just around the corner and Hangar 1 through the tunnel in Alameda, you can make a day of boozing out of it.


p.s.- I’ve added the new category “Matters of the belly” to cover everything gastronomically delightful.

ok, here’s the plan

October 30, 2009

Welcome to The Vignettist.

‘What the heck is a vignettist?’, one might ask. They might also ask ‘Is that a made-up word?’ Probably, but it makes sense to me so here it goes…

Vignettes in this context will be anything self-contained. I am a searcher and creator of vignettes, thus a vignettist. I will share with you my vignettes in the following categories (that will most likely change due to acute fickle-itis):

matters of the heart – a personal post about me, turned into a yummy little morsel of storytelling

matters of the hand – things that I make. Some may refer to this as “art” but the jury is still out.

matters of the earth – I occasionally do some indoor gardening with succulents I steal from others’ yards.

matters of the home – maybe I’ll toss in some interior design for good measure

matters of the road – or sky or sea or whichever way I decide to travel. This will also include the section “Obscure Oakland”, my guide to the city I live in and it’s surrounding areas.

matters of the cloth – I really don’t want this to become a fashion blog, but it wouldn’t be true narcissistic indulgence without pictures of me in cute outfits.

So there you have it. I hope Terry and all my imaginary readers enjoy!



October 30, 2009

first ever blog entry.

here. have some candy: