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I am so ashamed of myself

February 17, 2010

So, I took a MASSIVE break from updating, but who really cares? Perhaps it’s good that no one actually reads The Vignettist. My excuses range from being without camera for a while to getting mauled in a monkey fight.

There’s some pretty graphic images that follow.

You’ve been warned.

Ok, I didn’t really get mauled by a monkey, but that is certainly what I’ve been telling people.

The real story is that I required an upgrade for my defunct personality chip. Being a robot isn’t all fun and games, you know.

And so it was a very bloody Valentine indeed. Sunday night was spent in the emergency room with a hole in my palm. Yum.

Is it weird to say that I kinda had fun? I had to get eight stitches and a tetanus shot; two days later and the shot hurts more than the flesh wound, but still. Maybe it was the adrenalin. Maybe it was because I’d been drinking. Maybe it’s the awesome scar I know I’ll have. Or the fact that I can hold this over the responsible party’s head for as long as I need free drinks at the bar.

Pluses (+) :

  • Awesome scar
  • I get to take a few days off work
  • I have an X-Ray of my hand, which is pretty rad
  • Everyone will be really nice to me for at least a week
  • Aforementioned free drinks
  • I have insurance, so it only cost me $5. (Kaiser required that I give them this $5 before they stitched me up)
  • I got to ride in an ambulance and watch my boyfriend yell at an EMT

Minuses (-) :

  • My hand hurts
  • My arm hurts
  • I’m going to be broke from not working
  • I have to go back to the E.R. in 8 days to get the stitches removed
  • I’m running out of fake stories to tell people
  • Vicodin makes me constipated

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